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The journey from Orlando to Miami and vice versa is estimated to be 234.6 miles if driving. However, this does not need to be tiresome and hectic. There are many people who travel to this destination on a daily basis. The available choice of traveling range from rental cars, shuttle bus, and even flights.



However, each of these has its own demerits.  










  • A Rental Car is seemingly cheap but due to the heavy traffic and ongoing construction works, it might take at least four tedious hours.


  • A Shuttle Bus is like having two trips since you need to get a cub first in order to get to the pickup location. Need we remind you that you will have to share the service with fifty-five other strangers.  


  • An Airplane might sound like the best option but then again, you need a 40 minutes drive to the airport and also arrive there two hours before the flight for security clearance.


So where does that leave you? What option is the best?


What if instead of having to hustle to get a cab or shuttle, you could have the vehicle come to you instead? Well, you can. TUXEDO offers you:

  • VIP Semi-Private Shuttle Van
    Transportation from Orlando to Miami and vice versa. You can now enjoy a comfy, relaxed and stress-free journey at your own convenience.


Our door-to-door shuttle van service means that you have the exclusive choice of pickup location as well as the final destination. This means that you no longer have to worry about driving to board a van because we take care of that so that you enjoy the journey.


We only use spacious Mercedes-Sprinter vans. This allows you to ride in style to your destination, such that the 3.5-4.5 hours journey is comfortable and you don’t feel the time passing. In addition, your safety, as well as that of your travel party, is guaranteed as our vehicles are serviced regularly and our chauffeurs are professional and licensed to ensure that you arrive at your destination.


Part of enjoying the high-value safety and comfort is also experienced in our cost of services. Sharing vehicles with your travel party is the most inexpensive way of traveling as compared to our high class expensive private VIP services for the same. The maximum number of people per van is three. It is cost-effective but the quality remains uncompromised.


We keep you informed about every step of the journey. This is why all esteemed customers are kept in the know through the ETA messages. In addition, we give you an opportunity to live track your van.


Our exclusive VIP Semi-Private (Shared) Shuttle Van Transportation from Orlando to Miami and vice versa saves on your time, guarantees safety and is cost effective. Want to travel with us? Contact us in order to receive a quote or call us directly for any extra information needed. Try us today for an experience that will last a lifetime.

TUXEDO Caters To:

We Promise A Transportation Experience You Will Want To Repeat.

★ Safe
★ Upscale
★ Punctual
★ Efficient
★ Reliable
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Celebrating 5 Years

Of Transportation



We Focus On Providing 
S★U★P★E★R★ Service.


1 SAFE    

With years of experience providing premium and luxury chauffeur service, we maintain a constant focus on high standards of safety. We have a thorough vetting process for chauffeurs, which includes appropriate state licensing, registration and background checks. All chauffeurs have accident free driving records.  


Make the journey as luxurious as the destination with personalized executive car service. We know attention to detail and passionate hospitality make for a memorable experience. TUXEDO plans every detail of your journey before stepping foot into one of our late-model premium vehicles. 


All our Orlando transportation services are supported by technology. Our state-of-the-art technology provides real-time tracking of the vehicles by our 24-hour live dispatcher. The GPS tracking and monitoring system ensures on-time arrivals to pick-up. 


All Confirmations are emailed upon booking, including a 24- hour advance reminder via text. The name and phone number of your chauffeur are always provided prior to pick up, with a text update when they’re on their way and at your pickup site. 


TUXEDO Executive Car Service is the most trusted car service in Central Florida, according to TripAdvisor. Honesty, integrity, and transparency are the three core values that define our work at TUXEDO.

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Best Semi-Private Shuttle Van Transportation Service Between Orlando And Miami

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