🇺🇸 ★★★★★ Orlando Luxury Transportation To Port Canaveral.

It's all about the details when traveling, and TUXEDO Executive Car Service had it covered! I booked a trip for my wife and 4 friends for a birthday. Instead of the regular transfers, for a few bucks more I figured I would treat them to a more luxurious experience. They were very impressed with their Orlando luxury transportation service, driver and attention to detail. I was extremely impressed with the ease of booking, communication and fair price for quality service. I would highly recommend this to others! They were picked up in Orlando on 3/10 at their hotel, and picked up from the Norwegian Epic on the 14th. First class all the way. Thanks Tuxedo!

2 Transfers:

- Luxury Transportation From Embassy Suites by Hilton Orlando Airport to Port Canaveral (Norwegian Epic Cruise);

- Luxury Transportation From Port Canaveral (Norwegian Epic Cruise) to Orlando International Airport MCO

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