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Why Does the Pickup Time Differ from the Flight Arrival Time?

The pickup time for your airport transportation may differ from your flight's actual arrival time due to various reasons. Here's why there might be a variation:

1. Buffer Time: We schedule pickups with extra time to ensure punctuality and accommodate potential flight delays, diversions, or early arrivals. This buffer time helps our chauffeurs be ready and ensures reliable service.

2. Airport Procedures: After landing, passengers need time to complete procedures like disembarking, collecting luggage, and going through customs or immigration. The pickup time considers these necessary steps, allowing you to finish them before meeting your chauffeur.

3. Traffic and Logistics: Factors like traffic, airport layout, and the distance between the arrival area and the pickup location are considered. This helps estimate the appropriate pickup time, accounting for potential delays and ensuring a smooth transition from the airport.

By incorporating these factors into the pickup time, we aim to provide a seamless and stress-free experience. Our goal is to minimize wait times while considering necessary procedures and external factors that may affect timing.

If you have specific concerns or preferences about the pickup time, please communicate them during the reservation process. We're here to work closely with you, accommodating your needs for a convenient and timely pickup experience.

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