Frequently asked questions


Can You Match Prices?

No. Premium Transportation Service is not a commodity. If we matched prices, we would have to cut corners on your safety and comfort, and that would take away from you receiving the best experience. We always offer the best or nothing. If you expect excellent service, then please understand that you should trust your business to professionals and be willing to pay professional rates.

Do You Have Cheaper Cars?

No, TUXEDO doesn't have cheap cars. We are known for providing customers with the best experience in transportation. We are not a regular cab company, or an electronic hitchhiking service, and have only modern premium vehicles in our fleet. We cater to discerning customers and are focused on giving you high-quality premium service, professionalism and worry-free experience.

What Is Up-Front Worry-Free Price?

  • No hidden fees and no surprises at the end of the trip;
  • No extra charges if your flight is delayed or rescheduled;
  • Guaranteed full refund if cancelled 7 days or more prior to scheduled transfer.

Is Gratuity Included In The Fare?

When quoting for a transfer, we separate the amount that is paid to the company for the transfer from the gratuity charge that is paid to your chauffeur. A minimum of 20% gratuity is required as part of the price. You will authorize the gratuity amount before you reserve your transfer. We will process the gratuity charge as a separate transaction to the same credit card within 60 minutes after finalizing payment.

My Toddler Is 3 Years Old, Is There a Discount?

No. Our prices fluctuate based on the number of passengers regardless of age. In fact, when children are involved we provide more service. We ask of the kids' age with the purpose to know what type of child safety seat is required. A child seat will be provided at an additional cost.

Aren't All Car Services Basically The Same?

No, they are not. You should pursue referrals and recommendations from friends, family, business associates, or reputable websites and apps. There are many aspects to consider such as status, years in operation, size and age of fleet, and customer service policies. Please be cautious when you choose who is going to be driving you and your family around this beautiful state.

Is Tuxedo Any Different From Other Car Service Companies?

It may sound cliché but the truth is, you get what you pay for. Renting an upscale vehicle for your airport pickup and for your other transfers is a luxury experience, like selecting a 5 star hotel or restaurant, and is typically reserved for a special occasion. If your choice is based on price you run the risk of being taken advantage of, usually resulting in serious disappointment on your vacations and other special days. Our passion is your satisfaction!

Lower prices may be a red flag for such things as:

1. A late model vehicle - you should be sure of the year, make and model of the vehicle you are renting.

2. Minimal maintenance - unfortunately these are just a few of the things we commonly see in Orlando from "inexpensive" luxury transportation providers.

  • Air Conditioning is not functional

  • Exterior & interior lights not all working

  • A broken or missing TV/stereo

  • Damaged roof (outside and inside)

  • Dirty vehicle

3. No proof insurance or city permits.

4. Chauffer's who are underpaid are unhappy which translates to poor service and a bad experience for you and your guests.

5. Driver fails to arrive on time, or does not show up in the promised vehicle, or does not even show up at all (after your 'great-deal' low-price reservation was made they found another client who was willing to pay more and then "forgot" to call you).

Running a luxury transportation company is not cheap. Is it worth it for you to save a few bucks on your special occasions?

We are proud to provide clean, well-maintained, properly licensed and permitted vehicles driven by well-trained professional chauffeurs who are courteous, prompt and helpful. Furthermore, we are members of Better Business Bureau with A+ rating and the #1 transportation company in Orlando, according to

Can I Pay Gratuity With Cash?

Minimum required gratuity 20% of the fare and additional services is to be authorized and charged to customer's credit/debit card as part of the contract. You may give extra gratuity with cash if you choose so, you are not required to give more than the minimum, though.


What Is You Cancellation Policy?

If you must cancel or reschedule your reservation please contact us via email or by calling us at +1 855-530-8294 ). Without our confirmation of cancellation your reservation is not cancelled. If you must cancel less than 7 days prior to scheduled pickup there will be no refund issued, but you will still be able to turn the paid amount into credit and apply it to your future transfers with our company. We are flexible and happy to work with you if you need to change departure or arrival times as long as these changes are made in a timely manner.

Can I Eat And / Or Smoke In The Car?

We maintain no eating and smoking policy in all our vehicles. A charge of $250 will be levied for cleaning & refreshing the car in case of violation.

Can I Consume Alcoholic Beverages In The Car?

Alcoholic beverages can only be consumed in our limousine vehicles with partitions because of Florida Open Container Law.


How Far In Advance Do I Need To Make a Reservation?

We recommend placing a reservation as soon as you make your travel plans to ensure availability. Advance reservations required. Early arrangements are always recommended, but we can work with short notice as well if we have availability.


Do You Provide Child Safety Seats?

Car seats (for children aged through 3 years) and booster seats (for children aged 4 through 6 years) are provided at an additional cost ($25 per Car Seat and $10 per Booster Seat). Please see more info in the quote. We recommend that you request child safety seats at the time of your reservation to ensure that your driver arrives prepared.

Do Your Chauffeurs Drive Safely?

Yes. We rely on the performance of our fleet. We have access to accurate information to ensure our vehicles are driving safe and running properly. We have adopted a GPS fleet tracking system to monitor our fleet’s activity and drivers' behavior which helps us increase the accountability of drivers.

What Is The Brand Of Child Safety Seats That You Use?

What Is The Brand Of Child Safety Seats That You Use? We use BRITAX car seats. BRITAX is the #1 brand in safety technology. The seat shields your child in thorough SafeCell Impact Protection so you can hit the road with the utmost confidence your child is safe – in a seat made in the USA with global components. We use GRACO Backless booster seats that are designed to help safely transport your 'big kid' in the car. It’s made for children between the ages of 4 to 10, from 40 – 100 lbs. and up to 57 inch tall. All safety child seats used by TUXEDO are: - manufactured in years 2016 - 2018 - purchased new in a store (not used, not expired).

Are You Licensed And Insured?

Yes, with TUXEDO you know you are always in good hands. All our vehicles and chauffeurs are permitted, licensed and insured.


Can I Request a Grocery Stop Along The Way?

Yes. We recommend to pre-arrange your en-route grocery stop.

  • En-Route 15-minute Stop (CVS or Walgreens): $30 (per stop up to 15 mins)
  • En-Route 30-minute Stop (Publix, Walmart, etc): $60 (per stop up to 30 mins)
  • Waiting Fee: $2.00 per minute after exceeding the time limit.

Do You Provide Stretch Limousines?

Yes, we have: - Lincoln MKT Stretch Limousine - 10 passengers - Chrysler 300 Stretch Limousine - 8 passengers - Cadillac Escalade Stretch SUV - 13 passengers


What Happens If My Flight Gets Delayed?

What if my flight gets delayed? Will I still be picked up? Our drivers trackyour flight and check the flight status every fifteen minutes to ensure you are picked up even if your flight is delayed. If you know about your significantly earlier (more than 30 mins) or delayed (more than 60 mins) arrival we will greatly appreciate if you get in touch with us before your flight (if possible) to update us on the new information.

What Happens If My Flight Gets Cancelled?

Please call us as soon as possible so we can start tracking your new flight.


How Do We Meet At The Airport?


STEP 1. Upon landing and as soon as you have a cellphone signal, please call at 407-450-1400. After notifying of your arrival, proceed to Baggage Claim area which is located on Level 2
STEP 2. As soon as you have your bags, please call again at 407-450-1400 and let us know that you are ready for pickup. Then proceed to Ground Transportation Level (Level 1) STEP 3. Your car will pick you up in about 5 minutes after your phone call on Ground Transportation Level (Level 1) at a designated pickup spot that will be provided in the pickup instructions. On the windshield it will have your name.
PICKUP WITH MEET & GREET SERVICE Upon arrival, please proceed to Baggage Claim area which is located on Level 2. Your chauffeur will meet you by the Information Desk closest to your baggage carousel. The chauffeur will hold a Meet & Greet Sign with your full name.

Why is the pickup time differs from the time when the flight arrives?

To allow you enough time after landing at the airport to walk to bag claim area to retrieve your checked luggage and then walk to a pickup spot. We normally schedule pickups in 30 minutes after landing of domestic flights and in 80 minutes after landing of international flights. If you do not plan to travel with checked luggage, that could save you approximately 10 minutes. Please be sure to notify us about that so we can properly schedule your pickup.

Will I Get The Chauffeur's Contact Information?

Will I get the chauffeur's contact information so that I can contact him if we have trouble finding the car? We normally assign a chauffeur 10 hours prior to your scheduled pickup time. Our dispatch software will automatically send you the chauffeur's name and his direct contact mobile phone number. 30 minutes prior to pickup you will receive a text message with car description, chauffeur's name and when he will arrive at your location.


Can I Pay With Cash?

No. All reservations need to be prepaid with credit or debit cards in order to be secured and guaranteed.