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★★★★☆ Fantastic Vehicle: Huge, Comfortable And With Very Groovy Lighting.

Fantastic vehicle that took us from the airport and back again; huge, comfortable and with very groovy lighting. Drivers both ways were professional and courteous. Denis was exceptional when I made initial enquiries and booking. Only thing that I'm knocking a star off for was that I got ill towards the end of our holiday and ended up spending the last few days stuck in our hotel and so we had to change our pick up to our hotel instead of the animal kingdom. We paid in advance for the journey but, no refund of the additional amount was offered. This meant we overpaid by about $50!! This was on top of the money for the theme park tickets that we lost as well due to me being too unwell to go. Just added insult to injury to not be offered a refund on a journey that we didn't make.

Parallel Lines
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