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★★★★★ Godsend For Picking Up Mother-In-Law And Kids

My wife and I were in Orlando for a recent national event for our nonprofit org at the Rosen Centre. We needed a reliable way to get her mother-in-law and our kids at the airport. For just a few dollars more than we would haven spent on Mears (the taxi the Rosen recommends), we got a driver to meet them personally at baggage claim (saving a lot of potential confusion and stress), as well as a (non-shared) ride in a Mercedes Sprinter. Water bottles, Wi-fi, and a brief stop at Walgreen's were all complimentary. Taxido was prompt, courteous, safe, and above all - made getting my mother-in-law and our kids to our hotel easy and stress-free. A few days later, they picked us all up and took us back to the airport with the same top-notch, high-class service. I highly recommend them.

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