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★★★★★ Arrived With Style, Class And Comfort From Cruise Port To Orlando Airport.

I don't write too many reviews but this company deserves one and more than just an Excellent (5), but a superb rating. If you are looking for a private transportation company that will arrive on time as specified look no further. I made a mistake and planned my flight earlier than the recommended time Royal Caribbean stated. I was off the ship at 6:30 and requested to be picked up at 7:30. Denis arrived early at 6:55 (which i really appreciated) with a beautiful black Escalade. The vehicle defently stood out in the pick up zone compared to the other private companies and uber cars. The vehicle was fully loaded with every feature from the dealer. The vehicle had looked like it was waxed and polished before he came and picked us up. The vehicle had a nice iPad Pro in the front with my last name which I could clearly see. Water bottles were provided for us as we were really thirsty due to waking up early and not wanting to drink sink water from the ship. Denis loaded us into the Escalade and we were off. Denis (the driver) was able to keep a conversation going through the entire hour drive. He was able to keep a deep knowledgable conversation going long enough to make me realize that we were already there at the airport. I arrived on time worry free. I know luxury, and this was a truly luxurious ride from the Cruise Port to the Airport. I highly recommend going with Tuxedo Transportation you will not be disappointed! You get what you pay for and this is what I was expecting for the price I paid and it was worth every penny.

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