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🇺🇸 ★★★★★ A Comfortable, Friendly Car Service In Orlando. TUXEDO Had Everything Taken Care Of.

Car Service Orlando

I cannot say enough about this car service...we had a family emergency, and at the very last minute my mom needed to fly out to Florida to the hospital...and even more last minute, she had to go not to the hospital but to my uncle house instead as visiting hours were over...this was at 11 at night! I felt so bad that my mom had to travel on her own under the circumstances so I wanted to find a comfortable, friendly car service and have everything taken care of for her. Taxido did not disappoint. Denis took care of everything, even the last minute change, and was very nice. My mom said the car ride was smooth, and she was quite comfortable. When I called and explained why I needed to book the last minute ride Denis said, "I will meet her like I would my own mother" and he truly did. This service is worth every penny, and we will certainly be booking with them, hopefully for a happier occasion, any time we are in town.


1 TRANSFER - Car Service From Orlando International Airport MCO to Apopka, FL

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