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A Limo For an Hour? How Required Minimum Hours Help Clients Enjoy Limo Service to The Maximum.

Enjoy Our Limo Service, Orlando!
Enjoy Our Limo Service, Orlando!

People who book a luxury stretch limousine in Orlando for the first time often wonder why it’s challenging to find a professional company renting out a limo for only one or two hours. Why paying for a 4-5 hour limo rental when you need just one-way luxury transportation to the venue, which is a few minutes down the road from the hotel?! This hourly minimum requirement is one of the biggest reasons most people do not book a limousine service, because who doesn’t hate to pay for what seems like unused hours?! Wouldn’t it be nice if limo companies in Orlando could offer one-hour limo rentals? Well, it all depends on how we look at things.

Limousine Service is a Luxury, Not a Necessity.

It should never be seen as an inexpensive transportation option considering how important the occasion is. It is not for an everyday occurrence, making the limo ride experience even more special, rare, and unique. Limousine is a significant addition to most special events in life, like weddings, anniversaries, quinceanera, bachelorette parties, birthdays, and proms. Limousine is not just another transportation to your venue; it is an important part of any high-end gathering because how you arrive and depart matters.

The Higher Level of Service Requires Extra Cost.

The larger and more luxurious the vehicle, the more rental hours required. Extra special service does not happen by chance. A lot of preparation, planning, and attention to detail is involved. At the end of the day, limo companies have their own minimums to meet. When a limo company has required minimum hours, it aims to add more value to your limousine rental experience and remove the stress in the event when things do not go as planned (the bride may need some extra time, photoshoot may take longer, etc.) We cannot rush all these important things.

Required Minimum Time Is Good For The Client.

Minimum hours requirement protects the client. A limo company with a required hourly minimum is a good sign that shows that the company is fully committed to your event for the reserved time and does not book the same limo for multiple 1-or-2-hour back-to-back reservations the same day. Think about how much time it takes to inspect the vehicle, wash and detail the exterior, clean and disinfect the interior, place new sparkling clean glassware, decorate, restock the bar, etc. Just kidding, you are paying your limo company, so you do not have to think about all that behind-the-scenes work.

Extra Hours Is Not An Unused Time.

Minimum hours requirement assures punctuality and quality of limo service. You are not just reserving a limo for a ride; you are reserving a full commitment to yourself and your significant event - you get the time in the chauffeur’s calendar and the company’s schedule. Knowing that you reserved more than enough time helps lift the stress off your shoulders, eliminate rush, give more confidence, and allow time for unplanned stops and last-minute route modifications. Your chauffeur doesn’t have to rush because plenty of time is scheduled to make everything on time and right while serving you.

It’s About Your Best Time.

It is important how you and your guests arrive and depart. This is how you make your event extra sweet and memorable for yourself and your guests. When your guests are all staying at a hotel, and you are providing transportation, it would be nice, and fun to all have limo transportation there and back so that no one has to worry about driving, and they can all drink and have the best time. Limousine service doesn’t have to be affordable for everyone. It is a luxury service. If you can afford it, do it! You only get these memories once, and you want to actually enjoy the day instead of stressing about how you are getting places.

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