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Our Fleet: Luxury Sedan

2024 Mercedes-Benz S-Class

2022 Mercedes-Benz
S-Class 580

Luxury Sedan

If you're in the market for a luxury sedan, the Mercedes S580 is sure to surpass your expectations. At TUXEDO Executive Limousine and Car Service, we recognize that some occasions demand an exceptional level of comfort and sophistication, and our luxury sedans are designed to provide just that.


Enhancing the features of our executive sedans, our luxury models elevate your travel experience with additional premium amenities. Experience ultimate comfort as you sink into the plush seats of our luxury sedans. Some models are equipped with ventilated seats, ensuring you remain cool and comfortable throughout your journey, no matter the weather.

2022 Mercedes S Class 580 Interior

Next Level Comfort

In some of our luxury sedan models, you'll discover reclining seats that allow you to tailor your seating position for optimum comfort. Additionally, select vehicles come equipped with a power footrest, offering you the chance to elevate your legs and truly relax.

Our luxury sedans are designed with your privacy in mind and feature retractable sunshades to protect you from external elements. These sunshades give you the control to adjust the natural light entering the vehicle, helping create a peaceful and private atmosphere.


The rear seating area of our luxury sedans offers a significant upgrade in comfort over our executive sedans. Immerse yourself in the plush seating, surrounded by top-quality materials and exceptional craftsmanship, and savor the quiet ambiance unique to our luxury models. Whether you're a business traveler needing a calm space to work or someone looking for unmatched comfort during travel, our luxury sedans are perfectly suited to meet your needs.

inside a luxury car

What's Inside:

  • Seating for 2 or 3 passengers

  • Room for 2 or 3 pieces of luggage

  • A Unique Combination of Style and Power

  • Reclining Rear Seats

  • Rear Foot Rests

  • Full Grain Leather Seats

  • Best in Class Rear Leg Room

Impeccable service

Impeccable Service

Our drivers are experts in navigating the best routes to and from all hotels and neighborhoods throughout Orlando and Central Florida. They are committed to providing seamless service for all your travel needs, ensuring a smooth and efficient journey every time.

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