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How Chauffeurs Help You Seize the Day With These Six Cs

Chauffeur vs driver

When you need a way to get around town, it can be difficult to know where to look. Renting a car means added hassles of figuring out navigation in a new place so what else should you consider? A rideshare program, a cab, car service with a chauffeur? Of course, you could choose to hail any available taxi cab, but might want better service than that, especially when navigating Orlando traffic and locations; after all, you don’t want to start your day with a traffic jam brake fest. You could rent a car, but that gets tricky in new locations, too. How do you know when it makes sense to upgrade your experience in Orlando with prearranged chauffeured services?

Taxi and rideshare drivers can provide a valuable service, of course: Driving you around Orlando. They pick you up, take you where you need to go, and perhaps even offer commentary and context as they do. Chauffeurs do so much more, however, especially in how they can help you seize the day ahead of you. (There’s always that joke about the taxi driver reunion, too, where everyone showed up a half-hour late. You deserve better. Chauffeurs show up not just on time, but early.)

How chauffeurs help you seize the day

You might be thinking that chauffeurs are just better-paid drivers, but that’s like thinking of a celebrity chef Bobby Flay as simply a cook. Yes, Bobby Flay cooks food—but he also does so much more. He puts on a show, introduces food pairings in ways that accentuate flavors, and wows his guests’ palates. Chauffeurs are so much more than just drivers.

Just as Bobby Flay wows and impresses and sets up his guests for an incredible experience, good chauffeurs pair clients with the experiences those clients want and need, setting up their clients to seize the day. That service is just one of many great reasons to utilize a prearranged chauffeur service.

That service, in turn, sets you up for success.

How chauffeurs seize the opportunity to impress you

Chauffeurs seize the opportunity to impress you, or “Cs” it: Look for cleanliness, consideration, competency, care, courtesy, and caliber, all of which help you feel like a very important client, rather than just another customer. Let’s look a little more closely at each C.

The six Cs of great chauffeurs

Those six Cs used to impress you: Cleanliness, consideration, competency, care, courtesy, and caliber. Great chauffeurs excel at each of them.

  • When it comes to cleanliness, just think of the last time you were in a much-used taxi? That doesn’t happen with private car service and a chauffeur. Cleanliness—and consistent cleanliness—is a professional standard that sets chauffeurs apart. Chauffeurs clean, sanitize, and restock their vehicles before every single trip so clients feel like they’re in a brand new vehicle. Drivers don’t have that luxury, and that difference shows in the passenger experience. In a taxi, you’re a customer; in a private car with a chauffeur, you’re a client.

  • Consideration means they take your desires and needs into account, rather than just getting you from point A to point B. If they know there’s a sight you’ll be interested in that’s near your most direct route, they’ll make the small detour to make sure you see it.

  • Competency shows not only in driving performance, but also in knowing which route to take depending on time of day (and traffic patterns), sights you might want to see, and more. They don’t need to ask you; great chauffeurs do their homework and just know how to give their clients what they need without asking.

  • Care means making you feel special—and that may mean very different things depending on who you are! A chauffeur knows how to care for each and every client, regardless of how different those needs may be.

  • Courtesy is shown in how chauffeurs both note requests in advance and ask for client input. For a driver, you’re a fare—a means to an end. For a chauffeur, you’re a treasured client.

  • Finally, caliber of service is the last place where chauffeurs differentiate themselves. A chauffeur provides individualized service—every client gets a personalized experience, just like every green jacket at the Masters is tailored specifically to that individual golfer.

Choose chauffeurs for attentive elegance

Chauffeurs provide attentive elegance, as they prepare especially for each client. Because most drivers (cab, rideshare, or otherwise) don’t have that dedicated preparation time, flitting as they are from fare to fare, they simply cannot provide that level of service. Part of that elegance, too, is the choice of vehicles; chauffeurs are what you expect with a limousine or similarly upscale vehicle.

As a result, the choice is one of experience. Do you want to seize—or Cs—the day and embrace style and upscale elegance? Then you need a chauffeur!

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