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★★★★★ Use Them, It Is Worth The $s. They Do Everything Correctly.

We needed an driver from and returned to Sanford Airport in Orlando for our family vacation. First of all if you feel like stressing over a few $, stop reading now and find another service or pay the $130 for a taxi. Tuxedo is the best of the best you prepay everything including tips and all of your worries are over. They text you and tell you your drivers name and the brand of car or truck then you text when you land the driver text back from your pickup point he loads everything up and you are off in the cleanest nicest vehicle on the road. Our kids thought we were rich. To head home we received a text that our driver was in route 3:00am btw red eye. We crawled into the Vehicle and were woke up at the airport. Use them it is worth the $s they do everything correctly.

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